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  • Posted in: CSI Suggestion Box

    Thank you for visiting CSI's Suggestion Box Community.  As Chair of the Member Connection Committee, I want to personally thank you for your valued feedback and participation on CSI Connect . CSI set ...

  • I have been specifying converged networks for building services devices for the last ten years in my home country of the UK. I now live in New York City. I don't have the CDT certification, but I'm preparing ...

  • For the preservation of security of project-related data, an owner can require that the construction contractor furnish cyber liability insurance.  But that would not help protect the owner after completion ...

  • ​I received a message from a colleague this morning and decided to post it here and see what kind of response it receives. The message below is from an engineer to their professional liability insurer. ...

  • Posted in: CSI Suggestion Box

    Thank you, Cam! I was going to make that same request myself. ------------------------------ Cynthia Belisle | DFW ------------------------------



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