One-On-One Technical Education Event
2020 CSi2eye

Build Relationships Through Knowledge Sharing

CSi2eye is a high-level technical education event that connects design and construction professionals with manufacturer’s technical product representatives for eye-to-eye 20 minute discussions. Design and Construction professionals that attend this event will be introduced to new product and system solutions that can help them in current and future projects. Manufacturers who participate with be introduced to top Chicagoland design and construction professionals. The 7th annual 2020 CSi2eye will be held in March 2020. 


Need more info?  Check out the 2019 CSi2eye Event Recap for information on the design and construction participants and manufacturer participants.


Interested in participating in the 2020 CSi2eye event? Let us know by completing the 2020 CSi2eye Interest Form.  We will contact you as the event gets closer.