CSI Leaders

CSI's volunteer leaders are dedicated members who sit on CSI's national Board, CSI's committees and task teams, and on the board of the chapter in your neighborhood. CSI leaders devote countless hours to creating valuable chapter programs, networking events and fundraisers at the local level. On the right-side of this page are links to collections of helpful information for current, past, and future leaders.

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Board of Directors


Board Chair
Ellen Kay Crews, FCSI, CCS, CCCA
Arlington, TX

Marvin Kemp, FCSI, CDT
Baltimore, MD

Anne Roeper, FCSI, CCPR
Melbourne, FL

William Hayward, CSI, CCCA
Tampa, FL


Jonnie Cox, FCSI
Chattanooga, TN

Director from South Central Region

Kirby Davis, CSI, CDT
Frisco, TX

Director from Northeast Region
Arthur Featherstonhaugh IV, CSI, CDT
Burlington, VT

Director from Northwest Region
Gene Fosheim, FCSI
Everett, WA

Director from Southeast Region
T.J. Gottwalt, FCSI, CCPR
Trinity, NC

Director from North Central Region
Alan Itzkowitz, FCSI, CCS, CCCA
Buffalo Grove, IL

Cherise Lakeside, CSI, CDT
Portland, OR

Director from West Region
Mitch Lawrence, CSI, CCS, CCCA
Sherman Oaks, CA

Director from Great Lakes Region
Jack Morgan, FCSI, CCS, CCCA
Indianapolis, IN

Director from Middle Atlantic Region
Lee Ann Slattery, CSI, CDT, CCPR
Allentown, PA

Director from Southwest Region
Jori Smith, CSI, CDT
Albuquerque, NM

Director from Gulf States Region
William Sundquist, CSI
Chattanooga, TN

Mark Dorsey, FASAE, CAE
Alexandria, VA  

Questions? Need to contact a member of the CSI Board? Contact Board & Executive Operations Manager Catherine Lux Fry, CAE, Senior Manager, Volunteer Relations and Office Administration, ext. 4752.


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